Friday, June 10, 2011

Observations at the End of the Week...

  • Fat Albert the packrat met T-Rex the rat trap yesterday morning. I discovered him on a sandwich fly-by, rejoiced, and determined to clean him up when I got home from work. When I did, I found a packrat head, spine, and tail. Click had the effrontery to demand dinner anyway.
  • Geiger Counter Central has acquired a mascot. A small lizard got in and hung around for a couple of days. GC Guy got all concerned for him and went to a lot of trouble to catch him and escort him outside. Within an hour, he was back. So we named him Scary Larry the Lounge Lizard and decided he was welcome.
  • Landlady's brother has been staying in the Meadow House. He had some trouble with the boys, who weren't sure at first what to do with him. Landlady suggested he feed them cheese. That worked - after a fashion. He's been overdoing it, and now I'm having trouble keeping them home. I told him it really wasn't necessary to put out a buffet every time they show up.
  • For the past couple of weeks, it's like we've been living inside a chimney. I'm looking out the window as I type this sentence, and I can't see the big ridge at all. Everything smells like woodsmoke, which I kind of like but I'm glad I'm not an asthmatic.
  • I've about decided that switching to the .44 is a failed experiment. I just can't get used to the Taurus. I don't shoot it well, and no matter how much I practice it doesn't feel right in my hand. Yesterday afternoon when we climbed under S&L's house looking for a bear, I had to climb through a tight hole and borrowed GC Guy's 1911 because my Taurus was full of snakeshot. For just a moment it was like coming home: That pistol felt like it belonged there. So now I'm carrying my old Springfield again, and I think I'll start looking for a replacement.
  • It looks as though the geiger counter thing is finally getting ready to wind down. We're reaching the end of the big backlog, and running out of parts again. I'm really hoping we can keep it going on something like a two-day-a-week basis, or thereabouts. To my delight, GC Guy is of the same opinion. The money's nice, but damn.


Anonymous said...

Joel, I just want to say that even on blog posts that don't draw a lot of comment, you always have the funniest, neatest things to say. I hope you don't take lack of comment as lack of interest. I come back here several times a day just for the smiles (or sometimes the eye-rolling) I get from your blog.

Keep up the good work.

And that damn packrat deserved his fate!

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you on the .44 Special experiment not working out. Dang pity - its a neat cartridge to work with, but if the gun don't fit, there isn't nothing you can do about it, unless you want to experiment with grips, amazing what a difference they make.

I picked the Charter Arms .44 Bulldog for that reason - the factory supplies several different styles of grip that fit the same frame. They range from hide-out thin, tactical synthetic grippy, target style, sorta target style - it works for me, but maybe not for others.