Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Analysis of a deadly cluster[actoflove]

I've basically got nothing to say today, but over at Confederate Yankee there's an excellent second-by-second analysis of the brief video released of the Jose Guerena shooting. I highly recommend it.

Also: A pointless SWAT raid in which no innocent dogs or people are gunned down: Story of a once-in-a-lifetime miracle.


Kevin Wilmeth said...

Thanks Joel. This morning, I needed the "miracle" bit of humor. :-)

CorbinKale said...

Why does my gut tell me that SWAT member, tasked with deploying the grenade in the house, fumbled it it, and the SWAT team was too stunned to shoot the guy when he walked out to see what was going on?

The 'grenade on the lawn to attract the homeowner' tactic, not only isn't in the playbook, it fails on the bullshit meter, too.