Thursday, June 2, 2011

But what were they doing in the guy's back yard?

You come out of your shop at the sound of gunfire. There you see three cops lined up at the shore of your pond, blazing away at an alligator.

Except there isn't any gator there.

Be patient - you first need to endure 20 seconds of heartwarming monkey story...

My favorite part of the story...
After realizing their bullets were bouncing off the yard art alligator, police left.
Without explaining what they were doing on the guy's land in the first place. Without so much as a "sorry for the [trespass, gunfire, spinning ricochets, property damage]. I wanna be a cop in my next life, if they can get away with bullshit like this, consequence-free.

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M J said...

Having worked at a major zoo for the last 19 years the monkey getting out fails to surprise me. Keepers are only people and mistakes do happen. But the police and the cement lawn crocodile... well that is another story. I wonder how old the constables were and how long have they been in uniform.

Thanks for posting the video. I have forwarded the URL to a few friends at work.