Friday, November 18, 2011

So far, so good...

Gave her time to explore and settle down, then opened one of my two cans of salmon. (I don't have any chicken.) Tried to introduce her to the cat ladder through the time-honored device of putting her food there. Loved the food, ignored the potential of the ladder. Right after this pic was taken, she turned 180o and demanded help in getting down. But she's not stupid - by cat standards she's Stephen Hawking, which would explain why she's still alive - and she'll likely figure it out.

She was happy about being reunited with her baby nights, though, so that didn't hurt.

We did have one ... incident ... last night. I know she saw the litterbox I set up for her, I even saw her use it. But shortly after the Salmon Experiment she became frantic to get out, or at the very least to get my attention Right Frickin' Now. I didn't get the message, and she left a slimy and malodorous mess right in the middle of the dog bed. Even the boys were grossed out. But that seemed to get it out of her system, and there've been no other surprises.

This morning she was clingy, which is to say imperious and demanding, but shows no reluctance to hang around the Lair. For now. I really will need to get to work on a cat door, because I've a feeling this "confine the cat" thing isn't gonna last. At least she isn't giving me the hassle she did when we tried this last winter. Again, for now.


Carl-Bear said...

"But that seemed to get it out of her system..."



Landlady said...

So here's how it works:

Put a nibble of yummy stuff on each step, with a larger amount on top of the kitchen cabinet, and the tastiest in the loft near where she'll land. Then climb up to the loft (seeing you there will make her feel safe jumping over). Once she's gone up there once on her own, make sure to have yummies up there each morning or evening. Give it a week tops, and she'll be right at home.

Good luck ... and CONGRATS!!!!