Thursday, November 17, 2011

Okay, it's official. Today's the day.

Last couple of nights the boys spent in the Lair while I worked out what logistical problems I'd overlooked. So far, pretty good. While that's been going on Click's pretty much been left to her own devices - I give her a good scratch every day and make sure she's got food, but she spent the last two nights all by herself. Hey, she's a cat. They can do that, though they don't always like it.

I did feel bad this morning, though, because it got damned cold overnight. But I always said that after the problem she gave me last February I'm only moving that cat to the cabin one time, and only after it's as cat-friendly as I can make it. I'm pretty much going to have to imprison her there until she has decided that's home now. I can find no reason to keep putting it off: Today we officially move into the Lair, through the action of moving the cat.

Wish me luck - the boys do what I tell them to, though they may not like it. The cat, not so much.


Claire said...

Hooray, Joel! I'm glad you'll never have to spend another below-zero night in that tin can! (And believe me, I know what that's like.)

Now, as to how you'll successfully imprison a determined cat -- that's an interesting matter. Can you keep her in the loft for a few days without access to her cat ladder until she gets used to it? Just a thought.

Main thing -- it's fantastic that you're making the big move at last!

Anonymous said...

Good luck moving the fur bearing cuisinart. I suggest several stiff drink beforehand and clean linens to stop the subsequent bleeding.

Wait. Maybe booze before imminent laceration is a poor choice.


DonkeyBuster said...

I predict the cat will move all too willingly, laying the groundwork for unrealistic relaxing of guard & subsequent midnight harrassments...

But Whoop! on the warm & cozy! Just in time! It's gettin' dang cold.

Landlady said...

Re: Click -- bowls of canned chicken will make The Secret Lair the most magical place on earth. Trust me on this.