Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is completely despicable.

I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Via Carl, this morning I visited the nauseating LEO Pro Cards site. Like Carl, my first thought would have been that it's a satire. But it seems as though they're actually serious, which makes it - in addition to being, as previously mentioned, completely despicable - about the most brazenly tone-deaf thing I've seen in calendar 2011. Which makes it special, I suppose.

Seriously, this is even stupider than CCW badges, and they're not even illegal. Which I believe this technically is, at least in a lot of jurisdictions. Not that that would stop a cop.


GunRights4US said...

As if we needed any, but this is just further proof that they see themselves and their families as being above the law.

Anonymous said...

Collect the entire set? That's just bizarre..

MamaLiberty said...

You are right, Joel. Despicable... Oh, I can think of other words but they're not nice for a lady to say, let alone type on the internet. Damn

Carl-Bear said...

I decided to try to have a little fun with this guy. I'll post updates if anything comes of it.

(Heh. As I'm sure MamaLiberty can attest, sometimes I'm not very nice.)

Tam said...

Coincidentally, "despicable" was the exact adjective used by a retired TX cop when I explained to him what those "thin blue line" stickers and license plates were for.

"'Professional courtesy'? 'Professional courtesy' would be not breaking the law in my jurisdiction!"

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny that a police pro has to look at her holster and use 2 hand to get her gun into it.