Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Well, this is distressing...

This is my Leatherman PST II. It's roughly ten years old. It's got a lot of wear, but is still fairly functional. I've wanted to replace it ever since I had trouble with the pliers back in the Great Tie Wire Incident at M's Dome, but only just now got around to it. It's not perfect, but it's handy and it works.

This is my SOG PowerLock. It's roughly one week old. I selected it because it was a lot like my PST II, which was long ago superseded by cooler, trendier, less useful designs. Cool and trendy does not really attract me, I just want the tools I want. My principal criticism of the new Leatherman designs is the screwdriver, which now takes the form of a removable/reversible tip that, as Landlady quickly demonstrated, is easily lost.

Unfortunately what I got is not an improvement on that. My old Leatherman Phillips has removed or installed untold hundreds, possibly thousands of screws over the years and remains useful. My SOG Phillips has successfully removed exactly two, snapping right off at the third. And they weren't even difficult screws.

Consider this post a refusal to endorse the SOG PowerLock multitool.


M J said...


Look at a leatherman Crunch. I have carried one for a lot of years and it just never quits. The jaws are like vice grips.

Anonymous said...

Man, that sucks. I've been looking at that one at Loews (iirc $74), but I think I'll stick to the Wave(s) I have. No issues with Leathermans, but I don't beat them to death either. Are often found in pawn shops for less than $20 used, with only the blade and the screwdriver with much use - other tools are good to go. I've got at least of these in various locations.

Hope the warranty on this SOG works.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Ah so! High qwarity, ma' in China!