Saturday, November 12, 2011

What a day to celebrate!

It didn't start as much of a celebration, I confess. I woke around 4:30 to find that, for the first time in over two years, the power was out. Still don't know why. But there was a full moon, so there was light, and I had work to do.

M came in yesterday evening and presented an early Christmas. Books, videos, bookends, a new multi-tool, a new set of silverware for the Lair, long undies, all the stuff I'd ordered through Amazon some weeks ago. Also a couple of care packages from blog readers; thanks, guys! Even you, Bucctoo. I think Landlady might enjoy the shoes, and we'll just never discuss that again, okay?

The boys and I went down to the Lair early, lit a fire. Landlady had also sent some stuff she bought with my money, and I had some work to do. I've become paranoid about fire, and one of the things she sent was a big fire extinguisher which is now prominently mounted next to the loft ladder. I had some plumbing bits for the (now oddly non-functional) sink, and I'd just gotten all that done when M came down to tour the new, improved Lair. Yesterday I couldn't figure out how to get the well pump going, but he remembered and we confidently waited for the water level to raise to where the Lair had water again. And waited...and waited...and nothing was happening. I checked on it once during the morning: The pump was humming cheerfully away, but nothing much seemed to be happening. Later M went to visit his trees and discovered that in the very first freeze of the new winter the PVC under the faucet we put in down there in April had broken, and that's where all the water from the cistern went. He got the water shut off, but as of 2 this afternoon I still don't have any pressure. Maybe tomorrow. I've been hauling my water from the Lair to Landlady's property for over a year, and it's going to be ironic if, on the virtual eve of my moving in, I start hauling it the other way. But probably things will be all right; I'll know tomorrow.

M and I got all the concrete broken up from the five fenceposts we scavenged from Gitmo last month, and now it'll be a much easier task to fence in the Lair's front yard for the dogs. He also helped me move Landlady's generator back where it belongs, and move the desk - the very last piece of furniture! - to the Lair.

Yesterday while I was in town I bought a five-pound chicken, impulsively deciding to celebrate my new possession of a functioning oven by roasting a chicken for me and the boys. Since M was there, we split the bird four ways. Came out really good, and a wonderful time was had by all. Earlier M felt the beginnings of a migraine coming on, but after lying down for an hour it seems he escaped the worst of it. He decided he could go home on schedule after all, and at least he could enjoy the chicken.

In the next couple of days I'll put in the fenceposts, and once I've strung the fence there'll be nothing left to keep me from actually MOVING IN! I hauled one of the boys' cushions in this morning and there was some argument over who it belonged to, so I guess that was a good move. After M headed home we spent some time just hanging out because I'd really like them to get more comfortable with the place. Won't be long now.

I've got some pictures, but they'll have to wait - the interface cable is in the desk which is no longer here. Still need to get the cable modem and disk moved.

BTW, the flags look pretty darned good on the new loft railing.


Anonymous said...

How is it you have cable but no electricity? Inquiring minds want to know!

Craig Cavanaugh said...

I bet the interior decoration is finery at it's best! I can see it in my mind's eye, and I like what I see : )

A little something to go along with your decor:

Anonymous said...

"and we'll just never discuss that again, okay?"

Think so do ya, Joel? Nope. Those shoes should go nicely with the taffeta bustier we've all been informed about. Yes, had they been Louboutin they would have gone better with the red; but they'll do. Seriously, Joel, your groups will tighten up considerably wearing those.
Trust me.
I'm a doctor.

In a third world country, at least.



We want pictures of Landlady in those shoes.

Joel said...

Anon, I have electricity at the lair, delivered fresh daily from the sun. But all my system components are salvaged, and so I need to prepare backups for the inevitable failures.

CC, After I've betrayed the revolution and become president-for-life that's becoming the new national anthem. Then, of course, all you wreckers are going to the wall.

B2, Landlady says thanks for the shoes. They didn't fit me, and I do NOT wear patent leather. Also, you're a sick puppy. She'll have to provide the photos if they happen - I am NOT asking her.