Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finally read a Larry Correia book...

...and it still wasn't Monster Hunter International. Not sure what I was thinking, but when I did my Amazon shopping spree I went looking for MHI and got hooked by the reviews of a newer book instead, something called Dead Six.

Dead Six is, frankly, not the sort of book I normally pick up. Say "military fiction" or "techno-thriller" to me, and I think Tom Clancy or WEB Griffin. Clancy's charm burned out for me somewhere around Debt of Honor, and I just can't get that other guy at all.

But I'd been wanting to read something by Correia, and this came up, and...

Well, it's frickin' awesome. It's actually a collaboration, with Correia and some other guy writing the two viewpoint characters separately, and if ever there were a recipe for plot continuity disaster that would have to be it but here it's done nearly seamlessly and what it gets you is two completely different and (mostly) believable characters, either of whom could be the hero of the tale - or either the villain. The characters are marvelously well done. The plot hums right along, the dialogue is sharp and clean and entertaining, I just can't think of anything to criticize, and it's pissing me off.

It's not freedom fic by any means and I'm not going to bother reviewing it because it's really not my genre and there's a good review here. Like that guy says, this is the return of guy fiction.

Now I've really got to find a copy of MHI.


LibertyNews said...

If you liked Dead Six you'll love his other stuff. I think it is probably the worst of the books he has written so far. It isn't bad, just not up to the standards of his others.

MamaLiberty said...

I used to love murder mysteries, but they've been ruined for me for a long time now. The abject cop worship is just too sickening. Sigh

But the few I've read where the cops were the bad guys... well, they were simply terrifying.

That's not all bad, of course, but they don't work too well for bedtime reading. :)

I'm more into Agatha Christie, I guess. :(

Trey said...


I just learned about him this morning, thought he looked interesting, and came here to TUATKs directly from Amazon, where I read about his MHI books.

I will have to check him out.

Thanks ~