Friday, December 16, 2011

Sorry about that,...

Wednesday was just a miserable winter day all around. Yesterday I started having trouble with water pressure which put me in a bad mood. I don't know what the problem is: The pump was running but the cistern was dry. It's got me concerned - granted that for the previous couple of days the pump probably didn't run, the tank shouldn't have gone dry in that much time. I looked all over the property and could find no signs of leaking. I'll know later today if the thing is even pumping water, since yesterday and today are sunny. Right now I'm back to using my emergency bottles, and since the Lair site is where I've gotten my water for the past year or two that's kind of an ironic problem. Also, if water's really going to be that much of a problem I've painted myself into a technological corner because a flush toilet is superior to any other kind ... unless you don't have running water, which at the moment I don't. Bother.

This morning it's bright but cold and very windy. But I've huddled for a couple of days and now have things that need doing. Cut wood yesterday for a while and I'm going back and getting more right after shit-shoveling, and that will at least take that off my mind. This heating with wood thing is turning out to be as pleasant as I hoped and simpler than I feared, at least for now, but I really want more of a surplus than I've got. You do need to stay on top of the wood thing, and I tend to be even lazier than usual in the winter.

Tuesday when I was in here surfing and blogging I stayed so long all my finger went numb and it was an hour in the cabin before they stopped hurting. I can already feel them freezing as I type this, which probably had something to do with my reluctance to come back yesterday and the day before. That's very unpleasant. Now I got an email from Landlady that the installation at the Lair has been rescheduled, and I hope this time the guy can make it. Things would be simpler if I could use the 'net any time I wanted to.


The Grey Lady said...

Do you need another pair of flip gloves?

Joel said...

No, thanks, GL. I'm looking for a pair of lined work gloves, but I can get those locally if I can ever get to the feed store. I still have those flip-top mittens you send me and still wear them sometimes, but the problem with those fleecy things is I'm always afraid of getting them dirty - which is stupid, I know, but I do wear them from time to time.

gooch said...

OK then ...
I won't offer you another pair then.*

What about an alternate heat source?
Got a propane camp lantern handy? If you place that below your work area would the rising heat help?

[Visions of Joel hunkered down over a desk with the lamp on the floor between this foot and the back of the desk "foot space"]

* Ahem I lied.
I do have an "extra" pair of those flip mittens. (?)

hints on internal antifreeze mayhap? Got some AppleJack ?

Anonymous said...

Ummm, to offer unsolicited, possibly unwanted advice, well - here goes:

When heating with wood, you need to make sure that you do something to increase indoor humidity. Put a kettle of water on top of the stove, and keep it reasonably full.

I know your place is small, and that helps - your breath will humidify the air somewhat. It also helps that you are sleeping in the loft - humid air rises.

If you find yourself with a tickling cough, without other symptoms of a cold or something, your air might be too dry to be healthy.

Dry air is also (I think) a factor in transmitting viruses from patient to patient. I doubt that you can catch anything from your dogs and cat, but you might have company sometime.

just two cents worth.

The Grey Lady said...

Ummm where did Gooch's comment go?????

I'm beginning to suspect there is a "real men don't eat quiche" culture around flip gloves that I don't have a clue about...probably because I am not a man thing.

If this is true please save me from making this faux pas in all my future dealings with men creatures.


Joel said...

Gooch's comments have been going to the spam locker lately. I don't know why. How did you know, GL? Was it there for a while and then disappeared?

Anon 11:13, I'm aware of the effect of a wood stove on humidity, and have suffered the ill effects. That, as well as the free hot water, is why I always keep a pan of water on the stove. But thanks, it really is good advice.

The Grey Lady said...

I subscribed to this comment thread when I left my original comment. It sends a feed (with complete text) direct to my email addy when others post their equally brilliant musings.

gooch said...

Well there's the problem GL.

Even the computer can tell that my grumblings are just "not Brilliant" and therefore must be spam. {Pork shoulder and ham ... all rights reserved}
rolls eyes

They are up there now. Maybe the computer just wants to make sure I haven't "accidentally" left any contraband attached?
You know those old sailors ... their always getting into trouble for something. Ahem

The Grey Lady said...

Well Gooch they may not all be brilliant but your spelling is much better then mine.