Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Uncle Joel, ..."

"It's snowing. Make it stop."

LB loves the snow - in a perfect world he'd have been born to a sled team. Ghost isn't nearly as enthusiastic, and holds me responsible.

Hasn't actually snowed much here so far, I woke up to an inch or two. Heard on the radio last night, though, that the big town about fifty miles away got like two feet. They're at a higher elevation and always get way more than we do, but that's a bit extreme.

Weather being nasty last night, it was a perfect time to sneak into town and get some goodies to ride out the storms. Mostly just munchies and booze, but also some stuff for the Lair. Doing it the way I do it's pretty much risk-free - I think - but I always get back feeling like I've been shot at and missed. And when I'm shot at and missed I like to celebrate, which means I was up a bit later than usual. Then the boys woke me up around 10:30, just being restless. And then again around two, and this time LB sounded like he was in some distress. I've learned not to ignore that, so I put on my leg and came down to let them out. That was what he needed, and after that he settled right down. Should have gone back up to the loft, but decided to sleep in the big chair. That was a mistake; couldn't get warm enough. Now I know what I'm going to do with my other good wool blanket, which is still at the interim lair. I'll bring it back with me today.

Had hopes of a get-together this evening, but with the weather I'd already been warned it would probably be called off and sure enough it was. So I've got the day to myself again, which is nice too.

Power's not coming back up to snuff during the day, because of all the overcast. I still have a little 'tricity, but mostly the kerosene lamps are making themselves useful. Plenty of wood, plenty of propane for the stove. Today I'm cooking chicken! I'll be a hero with the boys.

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Craig Cavanaugh said...

Happiness is a warm place, "sticking it to the man", a little booze, and not much pressing to do. Though I'd prefer my warm place to be anchored in a nice cove filled with gin clear water, surrounded by white sandy beaches and palm trees : )