Thursday, December 1, 2011

You know that vile weather I said was inevitable?

It's rolling in. Supposed to be single-digit temps in a couple of days, preceded by snow and rain.

Of course it was supposed to rain today, with 15 mph wind. Instead it was clear all morning with wind scouring the ground down to bedrock. Clouds are rolling in now, so I suppose rain is still possible but I doubt before dark.

We've only had one night in the teens since the kids and I moved, and the Lair held up to that quite nicely. It's not a fair test, though, till we've got single-digit temps with trailer-tipping wind. That's looking more and more possible before Monday.

And with four days of rain and snow forecasted, in all likelihood I'll find just how low the batteries can go before the inverter quits for good and all. Fortunately I've got lots of kerosene and propane, and plenty enough wood to sit out a week's worth of weather if needed. I hauled in a trailerload of logs on Tuesday.


joe in reno said...

Have you considered skirting the new place? Would make it easier to keep warm. Even some 4 mil plastic or some house wrap would do it for the short term. Attach the top edge to the building with some nail strips and pile dirt on the bottom edge. Stopping the air from just rushing under the place does wonders.

c w swanson said...

Barbaric weather separates the men from the boys. Sounds like you are prepared pretty well, though,but you didn't mention a cache of pork and beans. Get some.