Sunday, February 5, 2012


Landlady went to the big town about fifty miles away yesterday while M and I were playing with shooty things, big and little. She called to ask if there were anything I needed from the Palace'O'Hardware, which was thoughtful of her.*

Once again demonstrating my amazingly bad grasp of economic realities, though not beheld, I impulsively said "See if they've got five gallons of kerosene."

They did. I should have mentioned a price ceiling. I didn't.

You paid ... how much?

Ten bucks a gallon? That's...

Ah, well. Five gallons will last a long time, especially since the electrical system is working better these days and should only improve. Also, fortunately, Landlady got her wood stove working this weekend and wanted to take it out in trade, since I'm the only one set up for chopping and splitting stovewood. I agreed readily - indeed, with indecent haste. Time and wood, I've got. Money, not so much.

*BTW, she also brought a care package from MSJordan.  Thanks, MS!  I now pretty much have a lifetime's supply of dried fruit, which is sometimes nice for evening munching.


Craig Cavanaugh said...

Better $54 now than $108 when the poo flies over in camel land...

Anonymous said...

Holy poop! That's a lot of money for kerosene. Was it packaged in half pint designer bottles? My mind boggles.

Claire said...

I know MS Jordan as a provider of primo dried fruit, as well as other wonders.

The stuff does keep a long, long time and will go far toward preventing the scurvy that threatens you in bad winters.

Anonymous said...

Damn! I just bought the Kleen Strip k1 in the cursed plastic bottles for $44 for 10. Did they kiss you before the insertion. Ouch. I thought the HD over on Crown Valley was molesting me.
I suppose I should be grateful for living in a larger market.
No....I'd rather live where you are.

If it makes you feel any better all of our registrations and fees, taxes, surcharges of myriad sorts have gone up nicely since you bailed. The government has been quite generous to itself in your absence.


The Grey Lady said...

That dried fruit is awful nice n oatmeal too.... makes a nice change.