Sunday, February 5, 2012

Murphy's Law of Weather

M, in his secret identity as Ian*, brought a whole bunch of goodies to the Gulch to make more of his videos. We shot video on a sorta-drop-in trigger for a Mosin Nagant (a massive improvement, BTW,), a new holster maker, and ... something else I forget about**.

After two almost-uninterrupted weeks of beautiful weather, since we were required to stand out in the widest part of the wash I know anywhere exposed to the wind, the weather was of course cold and blowy. By comparison with what has become "normal" it really sucked, though in hindsight I don't know what I'm whining about. For most of the time it wasn't even below freezing, and by the time we got to the good stuff the wind had settled right down.

*Who, by the way, rather mildly mentioned that he didn't really appreciate the fascist crack. Also, that he now has a Vickers gun and knows where I live.

**Oh, yeah! An Enfield break-open revolver, very like a Webley. Yesterday I fired no less than four different types of firearm I never had before, and barely even had to leave my yard to do it.

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Anonymous said...

I think Ian was just yanked about the fascist remarks because you outed him.

Those Enfields are cool revolvers. I hear the Canadian Mounties used and hated them but they look all steampunk and cool so I want one.