Sunday, February 26, 2012

From now on he'd like to be known as the would-be Jody Foster boy toy.

“I would like to be known as something other than the would-be assassin,” Hinckley said.

Too late. Take your Thorazine and stop talking to reporters.


Anonymous said...

More importantly reporters simply need to be reminded that nothing that guy(or Jody Foster, for that matter) says or does is worth talking about.


LJH said...

Well then dear, perhaps you shouldn't have tried to assassinate anyone. Just a suggestion.

Claire said...

Yeah, what LJH said.

From everything I've ever read of him, Hinckley seems less "crazy" than a narcissistic & self-righteous rich boy who'll never learn that the world doesn't orbit around him.

This quote of his from the article is worth a chill:

"Hinckley said he still thinks about the actress, but only to ask himself 'what was it about her that made me do this.'"

If he's still thinking, 30 years later, that some characteristic of Jodie Foster's "made" him shoot Reagan ... lock the doors of St. Elizabeth's and throw away the key.