Monday, February 27, 2012

Why yes! I am a redneck. Why do you ask?

Laundry day was much less complicated when there was water on Landlady's Ridge.

It would actually be simpler if I just washed my clothes by hand, and I suppose I should. I've got a double sink and running water now. But I really hate hand-washing clothes. I've got a washing machine - sort of - that's slowly breaking down and every load it does might be the last. I had to drag it outside the barn because it no longer knows when to turn the water flow off. Pretty sure Landlady would like me to haul it away somewhere else - anywhere else - but the Lair doesn't have enough electrical power to run it.

So - the Lair has water but no power. Landlady's barn has power but no water. The water has to come to the power.

Fill water bottles. Only need these for the first trip, because the other bottles are already full and at the machine.

Little Bear does not like it when you mess with the Jeep, and he's not in it. He doesn't have many rules, but that's one of the more important ones. Yes, he did get to come along.

Aw, crap. Didn't make sure the latch on the trailer hitch was locked. Sometimes it comes open when we're bouncing down the wash, and you have to make sure the latch is set just right. Too much weight in the rear of the trailer.

Hey, it works.

Back for more. Each cycle takes about 25 gallons, so I have to haul 50 in all. I don't have that many bottles.

The washing machine might be shite, but my drier is state of the art. Solar powered and fully automatic.


Anonymous said...

I don't mind the washing by hand, it's the wringing out part I hate. I have several wash boards, one of those plunger type washer things, a set of double laundry tubs with legs, and and old wringer. I want to get a new wringer or two and one of those little hand operated power washers, then I'll feel like I'm covered in the non-electric clothes washing dept. I do have an old wringer machine and I want to convert it to manuel. I figure if I can take out the agitator and plug the hole and figure out how to run the wringer by hand, I'll be in tall cotton. ;)
Miss Violet

Claire said...

Ever thought about trying one of these?

Joel said...

Didn't B&B have one of those, Claire? I didn't hear good things about it.

DJLHJ said...

Was thinking about gettin one of those Wonder wash things they got good reveiws online but dont know anyone who used one gotta be a better way then haulin all that water

MamaLiberty said...

When I visited friends in Mexico, I discovered that they had used a small lawn mower enging to power an old wringer washing machine. Noisy and smelly, but it worked like a charm. Can't remember just how it was hooked up, but having the mower engine power the wringer was terrific. Might work with a chain saw engine too. Wouldn't need a low of power.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick bit on your drying apparatus:
Having dried on many a line in desert and jungle sun I find that turning my clothes inside out will keep the fading to a minimum.


Anonymous said...

Death of a washing machine:


Anonymous said...

Back in the day, there were gasoline powered washing machines-my grandmother had one that had its small 2 cycle engine replaced with an electric one.

Anonymous said...

I knew somebody that had two metal trash cans strapped into the back of his truck. One had soapy water for washing, one had clean water for rinsing. When he went to town once a week (bumpy gravel road), the clothes went into the soapy water can for the ride to town, then into the clean water can on the way back home. He only had to wring and hang when he got home.