Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hee. Words you may want to avoid in future...

If you're into "social media," that is. I'm sure you can blog away in as incendiary a manner as you wish.

Or, um ... (AHEM) ...Maybe not.

Via Unc, here's a list of the words our beloved protectors of the [fanfare] Department of Homeland Security*[/fanfare] is watching, For Your Safety.

Bring a lawn chair - you'll be there a while.
Yes, the Department of Homeland Security is searching social media for…”social media”.

*I love you, DHS! Pleasedon'tkillme


Anonymous said...

And the prize goes to anyone who can use all those words in a sentence. But I'm OK because they're only checking facebook and twitter and I don't do those. Blogs and forums don't count, right? No one is watching me, right?

Anonymous said...

it's Buzzword Bingo bet as many words from the list as possible in a single post, bonus points for very innocent posts.

Brass said...

Hee hee. It would be fun to challenge all of Facebook's users to see how many sentences they can construct using one word from each column. :)