Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our pistol, which art on my belt, Springfield be thy name...

Well, Bill, sounds like you've already figured it out. If guns are a religion, it's natural to love them. I don't recall kissing one, but certainly metal objects should be polished from time to time. Especially in a dusty environment.  And I don't find the sacrificial application of Hoppes #9 all that onerous.

Although it's true that the flawless sheep I have to periodically sacrifice to my M1A gets a little hard to find sometimes.

And 3 hundred million guns? You say that like it's a lot. Hell, M has that many in his living room, and that's not where he stores his real collection.

A couple of aging progressive hoplophobes discuss the "problem," as they claim to see it. Long may they remain irrelevant...

H/T to Weer'd.


Anonymous said...

ever notice how much Maher resembles a weasel?

Anonymous said...

300 million guns? There better be more than that. Piers morgan and maher are disgusting.

Judy said...

The reasons we bear arms is so Maher and Morgan can sit around and wonder about why we bear arms. I also take it neither one of them had relatives who fought in the Revolutionary War. And I leave you with a quote from George Mason: "To disarm the people (is) the best and most effectual way to enslave them."

Jim said...

Not to mention the headline lamenting our "relationship" with guns.

Look, you begging-the-point ninny, I have no "relationship" to guns that differs from my "relationship" to books, pictures, hammers, staplers, chain saws, or socks.

Most everything I own or desire is a tool, a convenience, or an esthetic pleasure. I psychologically "relate" to them no more than you "relate" to your bath-tub rubber duckie.

MamaLiberty said...

Oh, I've got a "relationship" with mine. I'm 65 years old, 5 feet tall and not in the best physical shape.

That relationship is one of an otherwise relatively helpless person to the tool that allows them to defend themselves effectively in the event of an attack. I can't run or fight hand to hand, but I can point a gun and pull the trigger.

As a person who has ALREADY survived such an attack - simply because I did have a gun - that relationship is very, very, very meaningful to me.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder what the first poster has against weasels.

Weasels, so long as they are on TV like Maher and not in ones coop, are kinda cute. Tasty too.
Useful in their own way.

Maher is just a useless piece of toxic biological waste.
I'd have said shit but shit can contribute to something beneficial.
He is just an asshole.

He and Morgan have a bad relationship with reality.

Unlike MamaLiberty I am 5'11". 219 pounds. I am very well trained in hand to hand. I have worked as a bouncer in some pretty rough places. Even though I'd pay for it later I am still capable of lifting a GM 350 short block and carrying it across my shop.
I doubt there are all that many reading this blog who are truly capable of taking me down in single unarmed combat.
I have the same relationship with guns as she does for the same reasons.
I simply have no obligation to be disarmed because others misbehave when armed and yet others want to strip the "law abiding" of their ability to make them stop.

I have no intentions of wrestling with some asshole kid jacked up on ritalin for his gun because someone picked on him that day or he just didn't get a hug.
I'd rather just shoot the fucker.


Jim said...

Whoo boy. I ruffled feathers I'd rather preen. MamaL, my opinion would be that your good "relationship"is with yourself, but I'll be damned if Ill be dogmatic about a word when conversing with a woman who's already proved she's not to be trifled with.

Same to you, Buck. I'm especially reluctant to argue with guys who can toss 350s around. :)