Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sorry about that.

I get wordy when I'm morose, and in hindsight may have been a bit drunker than I realized at the time. Too-ready access to a keyboard is not always a good thing.

I suppose I do have to go shoot some stray dogs, though.

UPDATE: Yeah, probably still. But in deference to Claire I'm investigating local animal rescue groups first. Nobody seems to open before 10:30.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Spoke to an animal rescue shelter who referred me to another animal rescue shelter who referred me to the local animal control cop, whom I know personally as a man even lazier than me and considerably more brutal. It seems the standard procedure for dealing with feral dogs outside city limits is to shoot them. Which doesn't come as a big surprise, alas.


Claire said...

Sigh. Well thank you for checking, anyhow, Joel. I suspect you did it more out of kindness to animals than to deference to me. But whatever the reason, thank you.

Guess it's no surprise that in ranching country shooting is the standard procedure. Poor dogs ...

Brass said...

A feral dog is nothing to be messed with. They're not much but wolves with less fear of humans.

Big Wooly said...

Last fall I had to put down two twin German Shepherd dogs that I had raised from pups. They had went into a neighbors barn and killed three of their calves. They were found there, with one of the calves. Hardest damned thing I had ever done. Still broken hearted about it. Still had to be done. I would have never been able to trust them around my grandchildren again. I never would have thought they could do such a thing. I guess it shows what a fine line it is between pet and canine.

wrm said...

If it takes booze to make you write like that, I suppose we need to arrange you get some.

(Hint: you don't write enough. And by write I mean books.)