Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"What happens if you don't submit to the search? They put you back on the train?"

Certain ... disfunctional ... moments in the life of a VIPR do not go unnoticed...
A high-profile example of VIPR's growing pains, transit officials say, is a VIPR-assisted passenger screening a year ago at Amtrak's station in Savannah, Georgia.

Instead of screening passengers as they boarded trains -- which is standard security procedure -- officers were screening passengers as they were getting off trains.
Note to whatever government replaces this one, after the collapse: If you really must use the government payroll as a jobs program for the unemployable, maybe you should find something for them to do other than just being high-profile assholes.

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MamaLiberty said...

Kingston Trio!! YAY Oh, I loved that one!! Been a lot of years since I heard it. :)

Unfortunately, all too true. Except, of course, they'll take you off... and into jail.