Monday, February 13, 2012

Who do you think you're fooling?

NASA eyes plan for deep-space outpost near the moon

Um...guys? I know all your engineers quit at all, so maybe that's why you may have overlooked one small thing.

You can't have a "human-tended waypoint" near the far side of the moon, or anywhere else, until
you can leave Earth. Which requires this thing called a "Space Ship." Which you no longer know how to build. Remember that thing you've supposedly been designing since the end of Apollo? That thing the White Elephant Shuttle was going to give you time to put together?

Time's up.



jack said...

Nah, they gonna borrow from Russkies... or Chinese.

Carl-Bear said...

You know... I reread that article and it hit me: Their plans for manned L2 missions are apparently based on (for NASA, fully justified) assumption that they can't get a manned mission to the lunar surface and back.

I'm still amazed that they want to use the Orion (aka Apollo v2.0) for a Mars mission (Mars? I thought they canceled that crap.). I think they should test that concept by cramming half a dozen NASA bureaucrats into one of those little capsules for a couple of years. Don't have to launch it; just lock 'em in.

And throw away the key.

Steve said...

It still amazes me what we did in the '60s. Now we can't even service a space station. I guess that's what happens when ingenuity is replaced by bureaucracy.