Thursday, April 26, 2012

Maybe TSA really is making us safer?

Via Claire, I see this snippet about one of TSA's latest outrages...

In her terror, Isabella tried to run away rather than face a full body pat-down, which unsurprisingly enraged the TSA officers further.

One officer even told the girl's mother that the airport would have to be shut down and every flight cancelled if the four-year-old did not co-operate. They also apparently described the little girl as a 'high security threat'
This one's got everything: Hysterical little girl chased and abused by uniformed thugs. Hysterical federal agents loudly threatening to make everybody in the airport suffer for her "crimes." Absurd accusations about handguns inside teddy bears.

I love it. I mean, I'm sorry for the little girl and her family. But consider the education this kid has received in return for her parents' tax dollars! Do you think she'll ever, in the rest of her hopefully long life, make the mistake of believing "Mr. Policeman is your friend?" So she's probably safer as a result of TSA's selfless efforts, in any case.

I think what's called for here is a reality TV show! Yes! All the drama of "Top Shots" without the annoying fake conflict. Real-life consequences for violating ludicrously arbitrary, poorly-defined rules. No need for sets or expensive actors, no shortage of outrages to exploit for their entertainment value. The government would actually serve a useful purpose for once. And it would be so easy for the producers to sell the concept to DHS, since our intrepid protectors seem to have no sense whatsoever that they're pissing people off in wholesale lots.

And no matter how over the top the junior-league Gestapo gets in fondling small children or forcing mothers to drink their own milk, the show can never jump the shark. Can't be done. Why not? Because it's all proper procedure, of course!

'TSA has reviewed the incident and determined that our officers followed proper current screening procedures in conducting a modified pat-down on the child.'


WolfSong said...

What I don't understand is why are parents standing for this? Over and over I see reports of parents letting shit like this happen to their kids, and then whining about it in the media. Screw that. IMO, they should be a fucking parent and put a stop to it before it happens, instead of whining later and expecting an apology.

So, yeah, now this kid has learned she can't trust police, or anyone in uniform, and that her parents won't protect her. Piss poor parenting, if you ask me.

MamaLiberty said...

Yes... she's learned that "authority" figures are out to violate her... that nobody - including her parents - will protect her, and you can be damned sure she'll never be taught that she has any right to defend herself.

And people wonder why there are so many depressed, unstable and aggressive people out there.

That's exactly what they are being taught... powerlessness, hopelessness and projection.