Friday, April 27, 2012

So you bought a whole fleet of cars, and then you ... forgot you had them?

I can understand. I do that with plumbing parts all the time.

Never did it with a car before. Certainly I'm pretty sure I'd remember 300 cars.

But then, I use my own money so it doesn't count.

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Douglas2 said...

It looks stupid. But the cars were ordered during the administration of a previous mayor, who was pushed out in a recall election. One of the reforms of the new guy was that everyone and his brother didn't get a company car at the expense of the taxpayer.
Unfortunately, that left several hundred cars already ordered that they didn't have an immediate use for, because they were already cutting the number of cars they needed by near on 1000. Rather than sell brand-new cars as used, or scrap older cars before they'd wrung the last usefulness from them, they decided it made the most sense to keep the new cars in a reserve and cycle them in as other cars needed replacement. The cars were kept in a maintenance facility, the local Toyota dealer did house calls so that recalls and warranty service didn't take city time, and they had a regular maintenance, inspection, and exercise program determined by an official Toyota memo on how to keep stored cars ready for use.
So the cars may have been forgotten by some commissioners, but certainly not by the motor pool.