Monday, April 23, 2012

Right! For the record, today's the day...

...the great ice age starts. Future generations of our scattered, nearly exterminated species will curse my name. In some simple, degenerate dialect.

Yes, I've put the stovewood back in its crib and cleaned the tiles. The apocalypse will likely arrive before lunch.

Tomorrow I plan to bag up the coats and woolies. If that doesn't bring an ice asteroid down on my head, I really can't imagine what would.


The Grey Lady said...

I know exactly what you mean!

Last week we had temps in the high twenties ( 70's and 80's for you mericans.)

Being the ambitious mamma that I am i decided it was safe to clear the hall of all the winter stuff, boxes of snow pants, boots and assorted mess. You know so actual people could walk through with out being choked by faux fur and tripped by a thousand units of footwear. Yesterday it snowed 10 CM. (that would be about 3 inches for you mericans.)


Bustednuckles said...

Nice set up, I like it.
Ya can cook on it too.

Nice job on the tile .