Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why, oh why didn't I bring my camera?

Pictures at a later time, but Spirit finally decided she was done being pregnant.

The new foal is a little girl, and I hope she stays the way she is because she's by far the friendliest born in the two years I've been shoveling shit for J&H.

Spirit, on the other hand, has definitely found something she cares about. Like "Stay the hell away from my baby." You ever have a 1500-pound* mare come after you, teeth exposed and grinding, ears back? Gives you new respect for that "know your path of escape" rule. Well, I guess she worked hard for it...

*wild-ass guess


MamaLiberty said...

Oh yeah! Not all mama bears are actually bears. A mare can give a very nice rendition of that. :) She'll mellow eventually.

LJH said...

LOL! Doubt she's 1500 lbs., but having been in the exact same situation on more than one occasion I'm surprised you didn't guess 4,000. ML's right, she'll probably mellow in time.

Now get us some baby pictures, dammit!

MamaLiberty said...

Most saddle horses are somewhere in the 800 - 900 pound range. Some are less, some more, but that's close.

And yeah... those pictures would be nice. :)