Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Don't run!

If you run, they got to chase. They'll pull you down like a deer, boy. Turn and face'em. You got to be the biggest dog. Never run.


MamaLiberty said...

Oh shoot, he didn't fall down. LOL I have an 8mm film of myself and 14 black Labrador puppies - about two months old. They actually did knock me down and danged near drowned me licking me, beating me up with their paws and tails in their glee at "catching" me.

My husband (now deceased) just kept filming and didn't offer once to help... we were both laughing so hard the movie is a bit jerky, but it is still hysterical 45 years later.

DonkeyBuster said...

As cute as this is, this would probably be a bad idea w/certain breeds which the microbrained among us like to use for "guard dogs", meaning any of the bully breeds & shepherds.

Sometimes I long for the days of my utter ignorance.