Tuesday, May 29, 2012

For the record, I can't name any of these ladies.

...though I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to know who they are.

Cool production, though. As so often, I'm not sure exactly what the product placement is trying to say. "Pepsi, the soft drink of hated tyrants" really can't be the message they were shooting for.

H/T to KurtP.


LJH said...

Wonder how much Pepsi had to pay AC/DC for the rights to that one?

Cool commercial though. Britney Spears, Pink & (I think) Beyonce. My favorite was the lion.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Guys,

In my day, the music was by the group Queen, with Freddie Mercury as the singer, not ACDC. Although I do like both groups.

"Pink" is the only excellent singer in the commercial. Check her out on youtube.


LJH said...

John, you beat me to it. I swear, the Alzheimer's is catching up to me. I was looking at an AC/DC album cover on my desk and typed what I saw instead of what I knew. Just popped back in to correct myself. Oh well, prolly all that rock & roll that rotted my brain in the first place. And I agree with you about Pink.

Joel said...

All women in iron bikinis look alike to me.

In a good way.

Joel said...

And yeah, it's Queen.

Anonymous said...

Too much product, not enough nudity and oil wrestling.


Anonymous said...

Am I a hopelessly shallow pop-culture victim because I know the "ladies" are Brittney Spears, Pink, and Beyonce?

No, not really. I looked it up.

But they're very hot and that's a cool video. Pepsi -- the drink for toppling dictators.

The stuff still tastes like carbonated donkey piss, but I like it more now because of that commercial.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

Not only is it Queen, but tell me that's not actually Brian May and Roger Taylor in cameo at about 1:45.

(I'm not sure whether that makes me feel better, or worse. :-)

I've got nothing against visual spectacles, per se, but strutting arrogance has become a pretty instant turn-off for me. I know plenty of women who are plenty visual feast enough, who reach an entirely superior plane by adding humility, wit and the sort of inner confidence that need not rely on peacockery for effect.

LJH said...

Kevin, it IS Brian May & Roger Taylor in the crowd (Taylor with drum, gawd, that's rich)!

Damn, you've got some sharp eyes. Wonder how many people completely missed them - me for instance.

Ima play it again & see if I can find Angus Young. JK.

Anonymous said...

And not to come off as too gay, but Caeser is being played by Enrique Iglesias.


DonkeyBuster said...

IDK Joel, Pink looks like your kinda gal...
I'll bet she can help you w/those high notes. lol