Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A good way to get the day started...

I was supposed to bake bread yesterday. All winter I've waited till the afternoon, because then it's easier to get things warm. Yesterday afternoon came around, and there were just other things I felt more like doing.

When you bake bread in the afternoon, it seems like that's all that you do all afternoon - even though the physically active phase of breadmaking doesn't take an hour. You've still got to be there.

This morning I came down from the loft and, oddly enough, I didn't have any bread. But I figured, I've got time. And I'm gonna be here anyway, 'cause it's like six in the morning.


A breakfast that takes three and a half hours to make - and lasts me a week.  Plus the Lair isn't all hot.

'Course I'm gonna be late for shit-shoveling...

1 comment:

MamaLiberty said...

Looking good! :)

I like to bake early in the morning all the time, but I'm retired and have no place else I've got to be most of the time either.