Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This is your ruler...

This is your ruler on drugs...

And of course I'd never dare suggest anybody could ever do it (whatever it is) better than The Pelosmeister.

But somebody did.  They were prettier, too. And even when their lyrics didn't make any more sense than yours, Nance, they still had a helluva guitarist and they'd never heard of Botox. 


Carl-Bear said...

I ran that through Google Translate and my universal translator. It turns out she's making the case for mandatory retirement of senile congresscritters.

Holy shii... I sat through that multiple times. While some individual sentences had a comprehensible syntax (not all, but some), they rarely had any discernible relation to preceding or following sentences. Was that really just an edited montage of separate statements? 'Cuz even for Pelosi, whom I've long figured to be batshit insane, that was strange.

Anonymous said...

Errrrrr....what does the guy with the "I hate Glocks" video have to do with Nasty Pee-lousy?

I'm totally lost.
But that's nothing new.

The Glock vid was funny.


Judy said...

Thanks for the Led Zeppelin! At least they made sense!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm really confused.
Both the "I Hate Glocks" and the "Save Bo" vids are gone.

And now Nan is back with Zeppelin. She isn't as funny as the Glock guy.

In fact, that bitch scares the hell out of me.