Friday, May 18, 2012

I admit it...

I got nothing today, and I'm tired of the inverter (in the very middle of a delightfully sunny day, mind you) making that girly (Oh! The batteries don't have any power! You're running on the input from the panels and I'm gonna tell!) squeal which isn't even a chirp anymore but a solid "You gotta be kidding me, what the hell do you think you're doing" tone.

Yeah, we've got problems. My intrepid exercise in solar electrical system parts scrounging is falling apart like a paper mache bowflex, and I have got to scrape together money for a couple of batteries.

Guess I shouldn't be sitting here bitching about it on the keyboard, huh? Yeah, not if I want electric light tonight I shouldn't.

Anyway, I'm working on something a bit different which might show up tomorrow but more likely Sunday. It's a rather lengthy illustrated how-to on chainsaw use and maintenance, but I may actually have to bop the 'pooter over to Landlady's before I can type it all up. Ironic, no? If it actually comes off right I may try similar things. If it doesn't I'll let it roll off the front page and forget the whole thing ever happened.

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