Thursday, May 17, 2012

I want this guy to be Vice President next time, too.

First we need to change that thing in the constitution where he gets to be prez if the current chairwarmer dies, because ... well, damn. But after attending to that little detail, I say Joe Biden as Vice President-For-Life. The only thing they're of any use at is comic relief and there hasn't been a good one since Agnew. If we just get rid of that scary "first in line of succession" thing, Joe Biden is the all-time gold standard in vice presidents.

Biden Calls Himself 'Middle Class Joe'
I get tired of being called a "middle-class joe," like that's somehow I'm just good old Joe and I don't dream.
There is no known documentary evidence that anyone besides Joe Biden has ever referred to Joe Biden as "Middle Class Joe." He was called "Senator Biden" for 36 years before becoming VP. With the exception of three post-college years, according to Wikipedia, he has never held an actual job in his adult life. If he ever had an adult life, for which there is little hard evidence. He's very far from the richest senator, which after six terms is somewhat remarkable and indicates he may not be taking his personal corruption as seriously as the job normally requires. Or maybe he's just not as stupid and blurty as he comes across: That's an impressive house for a guy supposedly worth a couple of hundred grand.

But "middle class?" I don't think that's how they define that.

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MamaLiberty said...

Oh, that's too funny... A lot of things about Biden just don't add up. But I think the observation that he may well never have HAD an "adult life" is likely very true.

Then, of course, the question is: What the hell is he doing in a position with any remote possibility of assuming power over other people in any way, shape or form? That, as you said, is the scary thing.