Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yeah, she's mild tempered. But...

...that doesn't mean you want to screw with her.

Felice the Mare came home from training the other day. She'd gotten kind of barn-sour with her previous owners. Horses are like old hermits: Once they get the idea they don't have to work, it can be hard to convince them otherwise. Anyway, H put her in the second-biggest enclosure with Comet the yearling colt. I wondered about the wisdom of this: There's a good reason Spirit despises him. He likes to play, and he's a biter. Didn't say anything about it, though. None of my business.

Anyway, I went over for shit-shoveling this morning and H had Comet tied at the hitching rail and was doctoring his left front leg which had a swelling the size of a whiffle ball and a lot of skin missing from his knee. Nobody knows what it was about (I can guess) but sometime in the middle of last night Felice decided the best use of her time was to stomp the living shit out of Comet.

H will probably separate them now.

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MamaLiberty said...

Oh oh... just hope maybe Comet learned a serious lesson there. That biting shit is not good.