Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hear that?

That's the sound of the Secret Lair's inverter not squealing like a little girl under the dreadful, unsupportable weight of my laptop 'pooter.

And the reason is...

Yeah. Which sort of bolsters my all-along contention that efforts to rehab those old "real" storage batteries can be written off as a failure.

Check this out:

Two summers ago we replaced Landlady's batteries with some that were made in this century. I rescued the four "best" from the recyclers and tried to rehab them with the desulfator kindly donated by Friend of the Blog Silver.

Last summer they worked pretty well. Of course last summer I wasn't living here. Now they're just done.

Last week I put the desulfator on this little marine battery from Landlady's barn, and it came back real well. Yesterday afternoon I hooked it up, and this one little battery is running the Lair far better than the big lumps of inert lead ever did. As a proof of concept, so far it's working pretty well.

I'm trying to finish two paying gigs that will net me $250. I know what I'm going to spend it on.

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jon spencer said...

Scrap batteries are about 30 cents a pound, so scrap dealers should be paying about 15 cents a pound.
Looks like there is about $50 to $75 dollars sitting on the bench.
Earlier this spring we hauled 6 of those from camp to a scrap dealer.
Help is handy when moving those around.