Saturday, June 30, 2012

Look at my new shinies!

Some weeks ago I lamented that I'd lost all but one of my good Wilson Combat 1911 magazines, along with my mag pouch.

This morning I met Landlady, who had a care package from Tam of View from the Porch. And look what Tam sent me!

That's one damned expensive care package. Two WC mags just like the ones I lost, a 10-round Chip McCormick, two individual pouches, and one of those scary but infinitely adjustable Blackhawk holsters with the push-button retention.

Thanks, Tam!

We've been all morning stuccoing Landlady's house, and as soon as I get cleaned up we're going to town for a hardware/lunch run. I think I'm gonna wear the Blackhawk just because it's so shiny.


Jac said...

That's quite a care package, indeed. Internetz neighbors are often better than meat ones.

I'm wondering, though, what Tam was doing with a Serpa in the first place...

Jon said...

Tam is good people.

Tam said...

You're welcome. :)

(Yeah, a Serpa isn't my first choice for a retention holster, but someplace where you're open carrying up hill and down dale all day, retention is nice, and it's not like Joel's gonna be playing Quick-Draw McGraw with it. ;) )