Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hey, Gun Nuts! (You know who you are...)

My friend Ian of Forgotten Weapons is in the process of fulfilling a lifelong dream, the bastard. And he's started a new blog to document his progress. Introducing Gun Lab! Not a lot there at present, but his work at FW has proven he can crank out content.

This guy's gonna end up being remembered as the Elmer Keith of the 21st century, you know. And I can say I knew him when.


LJH said...

Well now, that's embarassing; I own a .357 magnum and still had to Google Elmer Keith. Duh.

I think you may be right about Ian making history. (He's a helluva lot prettier than ol' Elmer too.) Gawd,I can see it now: he'll get discovered, go all Hollywood and forget the little people. :-(

Anonymous said...

That's my boy!! :)