Thursday, July 5, 2012

That's a week I won't demand a redo on.

We didn't quite finish yesterday, so it actually ended up going six days. We got some cracking, alas, but other than that the house looks really good. Much better than concrete grey, anyway.

Yesterday, as we were both hitting exhaustion/sick of life, my phone started ringing. Some neighbors were having generator trouble and could I drop what I was doing and come help them right F'ing now. (No, but I did come by in the afternoon) and then J&H wanted to know why I hadn't shown up for shit-shoveling (Oops, meant to call and reschedule.) Then we had the first real storm of the monsoon, a terrific thunderboomer followed by three and a half hours of solid soaky rain. Crazy day.

Now it's done. Landlady's on her way home, the shit-shoveling's caught up with, the boys have been released from Gitmo upon military tribunal, and I'm going to crash. Crash!


Ian said...

Woohoo - looks great!

Anonymous said...

Very fine looking job guys!

Nicely done!

LJH said...

Awesome! That's a cool looking house, too. Landlady gots good taste in architecture and helpers.