Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Today's the last day of stuccoing. The Final Effort. The Big Push.

The last gasp.

I have no skin on the fingertips of my left hand, as the lime is finally having its way with me. We're almost out of those contemptible "rubber" gloves that split their whole lengths at the slightest effort and seem to hold moisture in rather than out. But today I must find gloves to wear. I'm the mud-mixer, and it simply isn't possible not to wear that shit to the elbows no matter how fastidious I endeavor to remain.

Looks like we're gonna finish, though, if we can only get through this last day. Landlady kicks ass, and though I'm quite sure that after today she'll never consent to look upon another sack of stucco she missed her true calling. Meadow House is looking good.

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