Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I think I want to get a tablet.

This problem will eventually go away, but for a while I'm pretty clearly going to have a problem with electrical availability.

One or two CFLs will work fine at any time, even after a very overcast day. When the sun is shining you can run anything the inverter will power, but except for power tools my biggest use times are after the sun goes down and before it comes up. In my mornings I usually have three or four hours of darkness before the sun comes up, I have to be careful or the inverter will start complaining. It complains just before it shuts off. I wouldn't mind that, except that "careful" also means I shouldn't run my laptop.

That wasn't in the plan. More than half my books are in my laptop. All my music. It's the only way I can watch movies. It's not just a writing and browsing tool, but even if it were I often write early in the morning. And of course my laptop's battery is toast, and the "reconditioned" one I bought for it once wasn't a big improvement. I can't get hours of battery life from my laptop.

I'm thinking that for cabin use maybe I want something I can charge during the day and use off-line after dark. At a minimum, one of those tablet things could hold my books and music. I don't suppose there's one that plays DVDs.

Anybody got one they like? And what's the battery life like?


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be better to skip the tablet and get a couple of new batteries for the solar power system?

I know you're already in line to get a new panel. Maybe somebody could also get you a discount on the batteries?

Woody said...

If your laptop's only problem is a marginal battery it would be lots cheaper to buy one of them than a tablet.

PapaSquirrel said...

If you are wanting to write and blog on a tablet I've been told it is not "desirable" and I would have to agree. I would spend the money on battery upgrades to go with your new solar panel, improve the overall system. By the way just wanted to say this is my first comment here, recently found your blog and really enjoy it, great work!

Joel said...

Well, you guys make a good point. I'll need to replace the Lair's batteries before long anyway, and should probably just get to that.

Pat H. said...

My iPad has been surprising in that battery life is as good as or better than what Apple states. I'm getting at least 7 hours of use with the WiFi on, without that (I seldom turn WiFi off) it would stretch to 10 hours. Recharge takes less than 2 hours.

While I wouldn't want to edit War and Peace on it, it's fine for most text tasks of lesser size.

My 32gb model went for $599.00, to which I added the folding cover. The cover shuts the unit off immediately when closed, a power saver.

John B said...

laptop, netbook, or tablet.
If you're not gonna run DVDs, a netbook is the best compromise with price, function, and power friendliness.