Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Lesson of White House Strafing" is that you don't know what you're talking about, Jesse.

Ol' Bugeyes brings out all the ol' historic lies:
Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez was arrested in connection with what prosecutors describe as a drive-by shooting in which a semiautomatic weapon was used to fire nine bullets into the White House’s back balcony — where President Barack Obama sometimes strolls on a break. This should get more attention than a passing headline.

Authorities say Ortega-Hernandez drove his Honda to a road about 800 yards from the White House, stopped, and unleashed a volley from a Romanian-made semiautomatic rifle with a “large scope.” The FBI located “several confirmed bullet impact points” on the south side of the White House where the first family’s residential quarters are located.
"A Romanian-made semiautomatic rifle with a 'large scope'" isn't as descriptive as it might be, Jesse, so I still don't really know what sort of rifle it is or why, at 800 yards, he only managed to hit the side of a very large building 'several' times. But before I even read it I know your proposed solution, and it ain't marksmanship training:
This should be treated as a wake-up call. It is time to revive the ban on assault weapons, and look once more at the level of gun violence in this country.
Check out the lies, damn lies and statistics on this one...
Under a federal assault weapons ban from 1994 to 2004, there was a 60 percent drop in assault-weapon deaths. We need to enforce universal background checks on every gun transfer and prohibit all violent criminals from possessing firearms.

Nearly 30,000 people a year die as a result of gun violence in the United States. About 100,000 a year are injured and require medical treatment and hospitalization that contributes to our public-health crisis. Fifty-caliber sniper rifles and firearms that combine long range, accuracy and massive firepower are not used for hunting animals — they are military weapons used to hunt people. These weapons can damage large targets, penetrate structures and bring down airplanes.
Wait - I thought you wanted to ban "assault weapons." Now your talking about fifties. WTH? Could it be you really don't care what they are, as long as they're banned? Of course I presume your bodyguards will still have theirs - right, Jesse?

BTW, that wasn't a strafing. In fact at best that was a plinking. This is a strafing, Jesse - if you ever experience one, you'll know.


DirtCrashr said...

I sure hope he gets a chance to experience a real strafing...

dakotas5 said...

800 yds. with 7.62x39 couldn't be a strafe. Maybe a lob.

Anonymous said...

Falsehoods abound. I went rabbit hunting with a fifty once.
I plan on a bear hunt with one. Of course that's not as ballsy as Lil P in Montana. He uses tent stakes, yarn and beer.
So no, .50s are for hunting. Of course so are AK type rifles (and pistols) of all calibers.

What needs banning is the use of a Honda in such situations.
Tres gay....... Next they will be trying it in a Prius.

Anything less than a gas guzzling home up armored SUV is simply unmanly. It's uncivilized.


Anonymous said...

No, no no. "Lob" is violent sounding. It was a barrage!

Pat H. said...

Way back when I was in Army attack aviation, we operated our Apache's with A-10's like the one in the video. It's called a Joint Air Attack Team, or JAAT, and works well for a variety of missions.

Poverty Pimp Jackson is doing what he always does, he's only upset because there was no blood to dance in.