Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"why do you need a shotgun like that???"


That's why.

I like shorties. Last week Ian and I were out running some errands, and of course we were talking about guns because this was Ian. I told him that, after having opportunities to play with his Krinkov, if I could have just one more gun and it could be anything I wanted I'd want some sort of shorty. Wouldn't be a shotgun, but shorties are just damned nice jeep guns. I love my M1A, but there's no question it's a big, heavy, clumsy club of a rifle and it spends almost all its time in its case. The AK, qualitatively inferior in most ways, hangs loaded on the wall. If I had Ian's shorty, THAT would be on the wall. Most of the advantages of a pistol without the inadequate ammo. Most of the advantages of a rifle without all that length and weight. Illegal unless you pay Uncle Sugar $200 and wait eight months for permission from the principal, neither of which I'm gonna do.


gooch said...

What? No pix? Where is the gun pr0n?
> evil grin <

Doesn't the AK you presently carry count as a "shortie"?

I like small and compact but the MN 91/30 (my MBR at this point) is definitely not a "shortie". Shoot the bayonet is over 17 inches by itself. My alternatives are an M44 and a 30 carbine.

Even though they are long and cumbersome they use the 7.62X54r that Will "reach out and touch ...." uhm things.
The 30 carbine ... not so far out but still packs a punch at 300m.
My personal favorite is the M1 30 carbine even if it is really just a pistol cartridge with a rifle stock added.

By "shorties" do you mean rifles with folding stocks or over all shorter rifles?
Bullpups etc?
Pixs Please? (Like I have any frn's to buy another rifle ...)

Woody said...

Whenever someone asks me a question beginning with "Why do you need..." I answer, "Need has nothing to do with it." and leave it at that. People who ask questions like that are usually (always?) unapologetic statists and I don't suffer statists well.

MamaLiberty said...

Yes indeed, gooch, my M1 30 is my favorite rifle of all time. It's the first one I ever had that actually fit me immediately. I love to shoot it... just not so fond of buying the ammo. sigh

And Sunday was the red letter day... I got tired of waiting to find a private sale and ordered my XD 9mm compact. I don't carry concealed often (need to do it more to practice), and the revolver is just too damned much trouble to hide without a winter coat. :(

So, of course, first thing I need to do is buy more 9mm ammo. Will have to wait a while longer to buy the short barrel for the 20 gauge shotgun. Always something... :)

Ian said...

I think by "shorties" he means rifles with barrels under 16" - legally "short-barreled rifles". At least, that's what mine is, an AK with a folding stock and a 9.5" barrel. Yes, taxed and registered. I made it from a cut-down Romanian "G" kit and a Chinese Type 56 sidefolder.

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun to watch, but I'm betting firing that many 12 gauge loads from a stock like that will leave a mark on the shoulder. I do admit - it looks like an awesome gun to carry when a bump out there in o'dark thirty occurs.

Pakkinpoppa said...

An AK with a 20 round mag isn't as cumbersome as the "field monopod" the 30 rounder becomes, add a fold stock and you're in business.

I have a stash of the 20 round mags for the AK, one set of 3 I got with the Hungarian mag pouch to boot. Was told they were for the AMD65, which in its original flavor barrel length is a mighty handy piece of equipment.

Joel said...

Yeah, my AK is just an AK. This is a shorty.

Anonymous said...

I have been seriously considering entering the ranks of the much lauded NFA collector statist ranks myownsef.
Here in the peoples crumbling republic calistan I can get my greedy paws upon an AOW. Namely a short barreled shot spitting AOW.
I have gone so far as to set up a trust and this will be one of it's named assets so I don't have to grovel for the permission of the local commissar of law enforcement while I am groveling for permission from the federales. She is disinclined anyway so the trust thing is convenient.

I do this not because a Remington breacher with a pistol grip is so necessary for me. The wife does want one which makes life easier, yeah, she's a keeper but rather because it would kind of stick in the craw of many a chronic gun hater. Especially my neighbor. She saw me walking from my house to the garage with an EBR once and DEMANDED a SWAT team be dispatched.

The Constables know my address and a cop familiar came to have a brief word.

I haven't sent the paperwork in or that or for my request for a C&R FFL.
I hate asking for permission to do things my Grandfather simply went ahead and did most of his life without asking anyone.